Master in Design for Smart Cities – Singapore

Master in Design for Smart Cities – Singapore
The Masters in Design for Smart Cities are a 2-year, postgraduate programmes, developed by globally renowned design school, Strate School of Design.

Singapore, on many accounts, is setting the present and future standards of a liveable environment for city dwellers in Asia. Education, Industry, Urban Planning, Sustainability, Research: on all these strategic issues, Singapore has always been at the forefront and two steps ahead even of the most advanced nations. Design has clearly been identified as the strategic force by the government and all industrial players.
As much as our above illustration reveals, Singapore and the Region will need 21st-century designers capable of tackling complexity and conceive life scenarios in Smart Cities, putting enhanced human experience at the core and above the sea-level line of the necessary technological tools.

Singapore is the natural place to host the first Asia Master in Design for Smart Cities.

The Master Degrees will train Design Managers and Smart City experts. The multidisciplinary approach of combining design, humanities, technology and management, is taught through the model of Design Thinking and Design Doing, where students craft innovative mindsets based on design methodology and extensive hands-on practice.

Using their creativity, students develop sustainable urban solutions, services and products that address human issues and transforming everyday lives for the better through human-centric user interface and interaction design.
Course duration : 24 months
Intakes : October
Modes of Study : Full-time / Part-time

Programme fee: S$42,800.00 inclusive of GST, payable in four instalments:
  • • Instalment 1: S$10,700.00 (Module 1 - 4) Design Projects & Methodology, Design Culture 1, General Culture, Representation & Visualisation 1
  • • Instalment 2: S$10,700.00 (Module 5 - 9) Industry Sponsored Projects, Design Culture 2, General Culture 2,  Representation & Visualisation 2, Thesis
  • • Instalment 3: S$10,700.00 (Module 10 - 12) Thesis 2, Inter-disciplinary project, Humanities
  • • Instalment 4: S$10,700.00 (Module 13 - 15) Professionalisation, Preparation to Oral Defence, Degree project follow-up (with Module 16 internship for full-time students only)

Application Fee : S$ 200 (Non-refundable)
All fees inclusive of prevailing GST and exclude textbooks, course materials and consumables.

Scholarships & Awards
Teaching Resources/Lecturers
Modules in these programmes will be taught and delivered by Strate
  • • All modules will be taught and delivered by the Strate School of Design faculty (France) and by active industry professionals for the purpose of imparting state-of-the-art knowledge, methodologies and practices.
Mode of Delivery
In a design school, most of the pedagogy is project driven. Program modules are designed in the following modalities:
  • • Project: students are grouped in teams of 3 to 4, and are coached by a professional designer. Assessment is continuous and ends with an oral defence.
  • • Session: students work on technical issues (software, representation techniques), do case-studies during the class. Assessment is continuous.
  • • Lecture: experts deliver knowledge and explain theories. No assessment.
  • • Face to Face (contact hours): students are working directly with a tutor or a mentor. Assessment is continuous.
Programme Duration
  • • 24 months (full-time) including 3 - 6 months of internship.
  • • 24 months (part-time)

Minimum Class Size
Minimum class size to commence: 5 students
If the class fails to commence due to low take-up rate, applicants will be informed within one month before programme commencement.