Master In Arts Management And Administration

Master In Arts Management And Administration

Master in Arts Management and Administration

The Art of Managing Arts

The Master in Arts Management and Administration (MAMA) is a full-time, international, one-year programthat is taught entirely in English designed for students from all over the world.

MAMA aims to support artistic innovation and cultural development worldwide, by strengthening the leadership and management skills required for arts organizations to thrive.

Leveraging Italian excellence in cultural heritage and artistic production, the program will strengthen your cultural background as well as your professional skills, which will allow your career to flourish.

Candidates are required to have

  • University Degree (or equivalent) in any discipline.
  • Fluency in English. Candidates whose mother tongue is not English are required to submit a TOEFL,IELTSPTE or CPE result.
  • SDA Test. Details on the SDA Test will be communicated by the Admissions Service once the pre-selection is complete.
  • Admissions interview.

The admission process

The application is available exclusively online and must be completed in English. 
Applicants may verify the arrival of their application and confirm that full documentation has been received through our application website.
Applications are examined on a rolling basis. Those received much in advance of the deadline have a greater chance of being admitted. Therefore, it is in the interest of all candidates to submit their application as early as possible.
When the School receives your application, it carries out a pre-selection based on documents received. The Admissions Committee lets the candidates know if they are considered suitable to proceed with the selection process. The final selection result is communicated to the candidate once the application is complete, which implies all documents received and tests completed.


  • CV and passport size picture to be uploded to the online application

  • Degree Certificate and Transcript
    You are required to submit an original/official or certified original transcript of grades (in English or Italian) from the college, school or university attended. This must include grades for individual subjects with the grading scale, the type of degree, the date of graduation and the dates of enrolment.
    Applicants who obtained a university degree in Italy must provide a self-declaration of the Degree Certificate and Transcript (form provided by their university). This self-declaration is only for graduateds of Italian universities.

  • Proficiency in English
    If English is not your mother language you must submit a TOEFLIELTSPTE Academic or CPE tests.
    At the testing site, you can specify that your results be sent directly to SDA Bocconi (TOEFL School Code - 0698, PTE School Code - R7G-6R-23). If you have already taken one of these tests, the original results must be sent directly to the school. Test results prior to January 2014 are no longer valid. 
    A test result may be waived for students who took their degree in English or can document significant professional experience in an English-speaking country.

    The SDA Test, offered in English, assesses quantitative, logical and verbal skills. Enrolment for the SDA Test will be communicated by the Admissions Service once the pre-selection is complete.

  • Interview 
    Candidates will be required to have an interview which may be held:
    - at SDA Bocconi in Milan,
    - the interview may take place remotely (via webcam).
  • Application from Sponsor companies
    If your company intends to financially support your participation in the MAMA program (through partial or total payment of the tuition fee), an additional document must be completed by a company representative. A special form is available on our online application.

  • Copy of ID or Passport

  • Application fee
Payment of EUR 100 application fee (using the form provided in the application).

How to apply

Fill out and submit the online application through our website and send all required documents Official/original or certified degree certificate/transcript should be both emailed and sent by land mail to:

SDA Bocconi, Masters Division
MAMA Recruiting and Admissions Service
Via Balilla, 18 - 20136 Milano, Italy

Applicants may verify the arrival of their application and confirm that full documentation has been received through our application website.

For further clarification on individual applications, please contact the Admissions Service:
MAMA Recruiting and Admissions Service
Tel: +39 02 5836 3228
Fax: +39 02 5836 3272

Core Courses

October - May

Introduction to the creative production system in Milan

The course surveys a broad spectrum of arts institutions and creative organizations operating in Milan and its outskirts. On site visits, meetings with curators and arts administrators, talks with experts and creative people will lead you to understand not only Milan as a creative city but also understand the basic operations occurring in arts organizations.

Strategic management for non-profit organizations in the arts

The course focus on how corporate level strategies are developed in arts institutions with a particular focus on the work of non-profit boards and on how an executive director might engage different stakeholders to develop the economic viability and sustainability of the institution.

Organization and human resources management in arts organizations

This is an extensive course in organization and human resource management in arts organization, The aim is to understand on how to divide and coordinate labor at the micro level (job design) and macro level (organization design). The course also helps participants understand how arts organizations might formulate and implement its people strategy.

Arts Law

The course takes the perspective of an arts manager dealing with different types of legal issues and problems spanning from how to deal with copyrights or orphan artworks, main legal issues emerging in contracting artists and dealing with unions, online distribution of digital content and protecting trademarks in merchandising for museums. The aim of the course is not to give a deep understanding of legal issues regarding these matters but to provide some useful guidelines and hints to managers who contract professionals and lawyers in charge of solving legal problems.

Arts, culture and tourism

Arts and culture are often sources of attractiveness for cities and territories. The course investigates how this might occur by explaining key success factors of implemented public policies at the local, regional, national and international level.

Leadership and teamworking

The goal of the course is to understand the extent to which “typical” team dynamics and leadership processes might be managed and developed in arts organizations.

Cost and performance management in arts organizations

This course aims to explore the role of performance measurement and control systems in implementing strategy and supporting governance processes in the arts, culture and entertainment industries.

Market research

This course introduces you to the use of quantitative and qualitative research methods to better understand audience attitudes and behaviors and to develop audience oriented policies. The course focus on how to build research design, how to gather data through interviews and questionnaires, focus groups, observation and archival research.

Fundraising in the arts

The course takes the perspective of a non-profit organization operating in the arts field and it focuses on the range of techniques and processes arts organizations can employ to successfully raise funds from different public and private stakeholders.

Marketing and CRM

After a brief introduction to marketing principles the course focuses on how to manage the moment of interactions and relationships between the arts organizations and its customer base.

Social and economic impacts of arts and culture

Economic and social impact studies are very precious for festival and event organizers as they give visibility to important outcomes. The course aims to investigate how these types of studies might be designed and implemented.

Communication in the arts

Communication is a very powerful tool to change attitudes toward the arts and to attract new audiences. For this reason the course goal is to focus on the basic tools a communication manager might use in arts institutions focusing on the role of emotions in advertising arts performances and exhibitions.

Italian excellence course

Fashion and design, hospitality, fine food and wine are considered, together with the arts, traits of Italian excellence all over the world. They are important industries from a business point of view but they also help build the reputation and the competitive advantage of Italy as a country and Milan as a city. On these grounds the course aims to give international participants coming from all over the world an introductory overview of these symbolic industries and their supply chains. At the same time we aim to explore place branding strategies which might be applied to factories, showrooms, stores but also museums and theatres.

Creative Entrepreneurship and business planning

The course introduces the process of start-up entrepreneurship and presents a number of support tools that can be useful in the different phases of the business planning process.

Consulting management for the arts

The course aims to develope consulting management skills by supporting and tutoring groups of participants in developing a consulting project for partner institutions. The class will act as a learning community by discussing issues and problems arising in consulting non-profit and public sector organizations.


Tuition Fees

The total fee is € 21.000 to be paid in four instalments:
First Installment € 5,250 upon acceptance of your admission to the Master Program
Second Installment € 5,250 by 23 October 2016
Third Installment € 5,250 by 29 January 2017
Fourth Installment € 5,250 by 29 April 2017

The fees include:

  • teaching materials (some text must be purchased separately)
  • access to the School's database and facilities
  • courses in Italian language, with the possibility of attaining the CILS qualification of Italian language proficiency
  • access to the Bocconi University Library and on-line database.

Personal Expenses

Personal expenses will vary significantly depending on each individual's lifestyle. In general, the cost of living in Milano is comparable to that of other major European cities. We provide you with a forecast of monthly expenses as experienced by the MAMA students in recent years:

Housing € 600 - 900
Meals € 450
Transports € 100
Misc. Expenses € 350
Total € 1.500 - 1.800

Scholarships and Tuition Waivers

SDA Bocconi School of Management is making available 2 partial merit-based tuition waivers up to 50% of the Tuition Fee to 2016-17 MAMA candidates with outstanding profile.

Applications are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Analysis of the requirements indicated in the specific notice of competition;
  • Analysis of academic and professional record;
  • Results of the MAMA selection process.

Admission to the MAMA Program is independent of the award of any scholarship or tuition waiver.



› 1 Partial Tuition Waiver
› Tuition Waiver Application Form


› 1 Partial Tuition Waiver
› Tuition Waiver Application Form

To be eligible for a tuition waiver, applicants must:

  • Have sent the application to the 2016-17 MAMA
  • Look at the pre-requisites for the tuition waiver
  • Send the Tuition waiver Application Form by the deadline indicated (even though their selection process is still in progress)

The tuition waivers will be awarded during the selection process and no later than the starting date of the 2016-17 MAMA Program.


Scholarship program “Bolashak”

Bolashak (meaning Future in Kazakh language) scholarships were initiated by the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, to support the most talented Kazakhs in pursuing higher education at leading universities around the world. Every year the Kazakh Government selects between 1000 and 1500 Bolashak scholarship recipients for postgraduate programs (MSc, MA and PhD) on a competitive basis.

Bocconi University and SDA Bocconi School of Management are among top 200 institutions eligible to receive Bolashak scholars from Kazakhstan to study MAMA program starting from 2016. The scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis and upon enrollment to the MAMA program. Bolashak scholarship covers tuition fees, book allowances, and living, travel and visa expenses and provides a monthly allowance of USD 2,000 per student.

Please refer to the new list of the eligible international universities approved by the Ministry of Education of Kazakhstan, recommended for higher education, language courses provided for the winners of the scholarship and awarding of the international Bolashak scholarship for 2016; preferred specialization areas to obtain higher education under the international Bolashak scholarship scheme in 2016 are listed here.

Documents submission period to Bolashak CIP in 2016 is as below:
    •    From 11 April to 13 May 2016;
    •    From 13 June to 29 July 2016;
    •    From 15 August to 30 September 2016.
The scholarship awarding period is from 10 May 2016 to 10 January 2017. 

Please note that all interested candidates will be required to submit the application for the MAMA Program by the indicated deadline as well as apply to the Bolashak Program. 
For the Bolashak Scholarship Program selection criteria, timeline and more information please refer to the Bolashak Program official website

Loans and Funding

For candidates

The School assists candidates with their search for funding by supplying the necessary documentation and encouraging them to explore all scholarship and loan possibilities. SDA Bocconi provides opportunities forlow-interest loans to admitted students, thanks to agreements with partner banks.
Furthermore, the University provides international students with information about possible sources for financing in several countries. For further information, please visit the Università Bocconi website:

For companies and institutions

Companies and Institutions can fund training programs for their employees using Joint Inter-Professional Funds. These programs, which can be arranged by a single company or a group of companies, can be targeted at individuals or organizations, and can be specific to an industry sector or a geographical region. For further information go to the Inter-Professional Funds page.

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