MA Design

MA Design
What is the role of design and the designer in today’s fast-changing world? As technologies progress rapidly, so do the possibilities of what constitutes design expand. Along with the growth of societies, as communities reimagine themselves, the designer’s canvas evolves as well from not only creating solutions, to preserving the values and thinking behind them in response to constrained resources as diverse needs increase.

Therefore as design exists within an increasingly complex and interconnected world, we need to emphasise the social, environmental and downstream impact of designed products, services and systems. We will need to factor in not just market-driven forces and material possibilities, but what the making process itself means. This is why the practices of Design and Design Research are increasingly important across industry contexts, whereby we rethink not only the makeup of the solutions, but the process of inquiry that generate those solutions as well.

The complexity and unpredictability of the problems we face entails that solving them will require us to bring multi-disciplinary skills, expertise and processes to bear on any one problem, as not one domain of expertise has the monopoly on the solution. As more individuals and organisations recognise this, designers today are applying their craft in a staggering variety of contexts, from products to services, organisations, systems and policies, beyond the previous conventional domains of design.

Against this backdrop, we have designed the MA Design programme to respond to the important role of design in re-imagining the world we live in. You will be challenging your thinking and making process. You will emerge fully proficient in being able to articulate and produce design as a force for impact. You will be part of a new generation of research-based creators, innovators and inventors challenging conventions and creating well-informed positions of what Design is, what it is positioned to do, and how it can help strategically transform lives.

The MA Design is a 1.5 year, 3 semester long programme to develop design research and practice capabilities in critical analysis, collaborative engagement and intellectual argument. As a student, you will learn by doing along the iterative process of research-led design practice.

You will hone your critical thinking and ability to identify problems and formulate solutions, increasing your agility to perform across the roles of thinker, researcher, strategist and innovator.

The MA Design programme provides a learning environment for interdisciplinary, collaborative processes. You will explore research themes through modules on context, discourse, methodology and interdisciplinary design labs. You will experience active learning, dialogue and debate with your fellow students, faculty and industry partners with diverse backgrounds, expertise and experience.

In order to support your exploration of the emerging applications of design and where you can best apply your skills towards them, the programme provides a supportive environment full of advanced practical and research-driven opportunities for you to experiment across a wide range of domains.

Career Path
The MA Design programme at LASALLE builds upon the dynamically evolving design culture we are seeing in Singapore and the region. Singapore is now home to more than 7000 multinational corporations, where an estimate of over 227,000 jobs were created for both local and foreign talents. In recent years, Asia has become a major player in design and has been influential to the creative economy. Places like Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore are emerging as major players on the creative world stage, due to the richness and sophistication of their cultural heritage.

As part of an increasingly important but scarce pool of talent, you will participate in the positioning of Singapore and Asia as a rigorous environment and connection point for innovative design-based education. As a graduate of the programme, you will be sought after for your ability to understand the multi-faceted cultural, communicative, production, management and business demands so as to contribute across a spectrum of creative industries and business contexts.
Admission Criteria
Building on its established history in postgraduate delivery, LASALLE offers Master of Arts programmes in the widest range of creative disciplines – some of them being the region’s first. PhD programmes are planned to commence in the near future. All MAs are developed and delivered by LASALLE and validated by Goldsmiths, University of London.

LASALLE’s Master of Arts courses are Singapore’s first postgraduate degrees in the arts and design that provide a unique balance of theory and practice in an integrated arts environment.

Through practice-based work or dissertation, our programmes will facilitate the further development of your professional practice.

Entry Requirements
Applicants for MA Design require:
  • ☼A good undergraduate degree (equivalent to a 2nd class honours classification) in any related discipline from a recognised tertiary institution
  • ☼Expansive folio with relevant and substantial creative work (written or visual form)
  • ☼Preferred professional work experience either in full-time or part-time capacity or any other substantial related work experience
  • ☼A satisfactory score in written and spoken English OR a minimum of IELTS 7.0 or TOEFL iBT 100 for applicants from countries where English is not the first language or whose qualifications are obtained from institutions where English is not the medium of instruction
  • ☼Applicants who come from non-design fields but with the interest and relevant background to develop research work in related design fields can apply as well. Applicants are selected on the basis of their research proposal and interest in design. Applicants should have sufficient technical skills to realise intentions and show evidence of commitment to the study
All applicants will have to submit a research proposal and will attend an interview to discuss their application. The applicant must outline their interest in design and how they wish to push the boundaries of design in related or non-related domains.

The written research proposal should consist of the intended design research enquiry and a brief study plan (1,000-1,500 words). The proposal should include:
  • ☼A brief background research including contextual framing and a proposed design brief
  • ☼Any visual examples as reference
  • ☼Bibliography
Course Outline
Please visit our website for more information on the Programme structure, module description and credits, teaching methods and assessment
Dates & Fees
Commencement Date: January
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Other Information
In recognition of outstanding academic excellence, leadership potential, and a passion for creativity and innovation, LASALLE offers a variety of scholarships to new and current students. Visit our website for the list of scholarships available for new Postgraduate students.

Bursaries, Grants & Loans
LASALLE is committed to providing a quality education for all our students and to ensuring that no deserving student is denied admissions because of financial difficulty. Needy students can apply for financial support which will be offered if they meet the eligibility criteria. Students can apply online for financial support during the stipulated application period. Visit our website  to see the list of financial support available for new Postgraduate students.

Please email if you have any queries or read more about the FAQs.
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