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Doctor In Education



The National Institute of Education Doctor in Education (NIE EdD) programme is based within Singapore’s national education institute with a strong reputation in teacher education and educational research. With the mission of nurturing leaders for change in the education professions, the NIE EdD received its first intake of students in 2012. The programme took its inspiration from the Doctor in Education (Dual Award) programme with the Institute of Education, University College London, which began in 2007. The impetus for the inception of the NIE EdD was motivated by the desire to create a professional doctorate in education for leaders in education that is uniquely NIE. Since its inception, the Office for Graduate Studies and Professional Learning at NIE has continually taken steps to review and renew the programme. Several revisions on the programme have been carried out to ensure that graduates of the EdD receive equally rigorous scholarly preparation as graduates of the PhD.


The current programme structure with a total of nine specialisations is a significant step forward in expanding the impact of the NIE EdD as a doctorate for professionals in education and education-related fields. The programme affords deeper learning in six courses (each of 4 Academic Units) with the total coursework requirement remaining at 24 Academic Units. Working with a Research Supervisor, students continue to complete a dissertation of 60,000 words and conduct rigorous and in-depth research to make significant contribution to the scholarship and advancement of educational practice. The revision of the fee structure in 2018 from semester-based to course-based will afford greater flexibility to students in terms of pace and scope of learning without compromising depth of learning, thus maintaining the high quality of doctoral work by our students.



There is generally only one intake for this programme, in January. You are advised to visit the website and look out for NIE’s announcements in May to confirm if the programme will be open for application at any particular intake. Applications may be made online. More information on required documents for application can be found here

Course Outline

The programme comprises 24 Academic Units inclusive of 3 core courses, 2 specialisation courses in one of the nine specialisations of your choice (specialisations namely: Curriculum & Teaching, Educational Leadership and Change, English, Humanities and Social Studies, Learning and Motivation, Mathematics, Science, Technologies and Technology-Mediated Learning Environments, and Visual and Performing Arts (either Art, Drama or Music focus)), 1 open elective course, and a 60,000 word research-on-practice based dissertation.

Dates & Fees

Our tuition fees are subject to revision on a yearly basis. More details can be found here.

Other Info

Outstanding students aiming to pursue the Doctor in Education with NIE may apply for the Tan Poey Quee Doctor in Education (NIE-EdD) Scholarship. For further information and to apply, please click here.

For enquiries, please e-mail Assistant Professor Hairon Salleh at


Contact Information

E-mail: (for administrative enquiries related to admissions and application)

E-mail:  (for administrative matters related to programme matters such as time-table, study plans)

Programme Leader: Assistant Professor Hairon Salleh (for specific academic enquiries related to the programme such as curriculum requirements)