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SINGAPORE'S DEFINITIVE BUSINESS SCHOOL - With its unique location in the central business district of one of Asia's most cosmopolitan cities, SMU is breaking new ground in business education for Singapore and Asia. The campus boasts an abundance of facilities that give its equal standing to many of the world's great urban universities. Building on this foundation, the Lee Kong Chian School of Business is rapidly becoming one of Asia's premiere business schools.

Established in 2008, the SMU MBA values quality over quantity. Our selective approach ensures you receive unparalleled attention from our academics, industry experts, administrators, and Career Services team. Our Full-time programme can be completed in just 12-months, while our 18-month Part-time programme is ideal for working professionals.

Courses are taught by professors and practitioners selected from the close to 300 faculty across SMU's six schools. SMU actively engages the business community as recruiters, board members, donors, research partners and guest lecturers. We have built relationships with more than 2,000 companies, providing an unmatched connection to the business communities of Singapore and Asia.




The SMU MBA programme was launched with the mission to develop the next generation of business leaders in Asia. We seek candidates who have demonstrated leadership potential through their professional experience, who are intellectually strong and committed to learning, and who have the personal qualities to contribute to the SMU MBA experience and greater community.

Leadership and Professional Experience
The SMU MBA places a strong emphasis on the strength of candidates' professional accomplishments and demonstrated leadership potential. Participants in current and past classes have an average of 5-6 years of working experience. We are looking for candidates who can benefit from - and contribute to - our seminar style of teaching and who can successfully lead teams and organisations coming out the programme. The programme has a strict minimum work experience requirement of 2 years (more experience preferred). Younger applicants can apply but must demonstrate outstanding leadership potential and maturity through their professional and personal experiences.

Academic Aptitude
As our Full-time MBA and Part-time MBA are accelerated and rigorous, we are looking for candidates with strong academic credentials, as evidenced by their past academic performance. The GMAT is required as it gives us a base to compare candidates from diverse national, educational and professional backgrounds. While we have no minimum GMAT score, we consider candidates who have stronger than average marks in the verbal, quantitative and writing sections to be more competitive. We also require TOEFL or IELTS scores from those whose undergraduate or graduate degrees were not taught in English.
Contribution to SMU MBA Learning Experience and to the Community
Our business school's mission is to nurture keen minds who lead organisations and serve society. To this end, we look to build a dynamic and diverse student body who will proactively contribute to the learning experience both inside and outside the classroom, and who desire to make a difference in their greater communities. We are also looking for candidates with strong interpersonal skills and an international outlook who can work in diverse groups, a prerequisite for being a leader in today's globalized world.


Course Outline

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Full-time (for the class starting in January 2017):
Application is now open
28 February (Deadline 1)
18 July (Deadline 2)
15 October (Final Deadline)    
Part-time (for the class starting in July 2016):
Application is now open
20 December (Deadline 1)
28 February (Deadline 2)
31 May (Final Deadline)
Click here for more details on how to start an application. 

We strongly encourage you to submit your application early, as we practise rolling admissions and the Admissions Committee will be more selective at the end of the application period due to the number of applications received. 



The fees for the 2015-2016 academic year are:    

Application: S$100 Non-Refundable
Full-time intake: S$58,140 (exclusive of GST), or S$62,209.80 (inclusive of GST)
Part-time intake: S$60,180 (exclusive of GST), or S$64,392.60 (inclusive of GST)
*GST: Government taxes.

Tuition Fees Payment

The tuition fee will be paid in 4 instalments.

Estimated cost of study materials: S$3,000.

For Full-time fee, payment will be 10% to confirm one's place at admission, 30% before one arrives, 30% by the 4th month, and 30% by the 7th month.
For Part-time fee, payment will be 10% to confirm one's place at admission, 30% before one arrives, 30% by the 5th month, and 30% by the 10th month.

A 10% rebate for SMU alumni applies to tuition fee.
Note: Tuition fees do not change once the student enters the programme. Singapore Management University reserves the right to alter tuition fees for new incoming cohorts when required.



Other Info

Am I eligible for the programme?
Individuals must hold a university degree and have a minimum of 2 years' full-time working experience to apply for the programme. The GMAT is also a compulsory requirement for admission. Above all, candidates must demonstrate that they have the commitment, experience, motivation and potential to benefit from and contribute to the programme.

What kind of academic record do I need?
We expect applicants to have a strong basic degree. However, we look at many other aspects of your application such as drive and motivation.

Do I need to come from a finance or business background?
No, we admit students from all background and work experience and look for diverse individuals to enhance the classroom experience.

Do I need to choose between the Part-time and Full-time programme at the time of application? 
Yes, as we will be aiming to build a diverse class for each programme we ask that you choose which programme is best suited for your needs. Requests to transfer from one programme to the other will be evaluated but not guaranteed.

What is the schedule for application?

Full-time (for the class starting in January 2016):
28 February 2015 (Deadline 1)
18 July 2015 (Deadline 2)
15 October 2015 (Final Deadline)
Part-time (for the class starting in July 2016):
Application opens in mid-August 2015
20 December 2015 (Deadline 1)
28 February 2016 (Deadline 2)
31 May 2016 (Final Deadline)

We will inform you as to whether you have been selected for an interview within two weeks of receiving your online application. If you are based outside Singapore, the interview will be conducted by phone or webcam. Otherwise, it will be a face-to-face interview on campus.

Can I apply before I have taken the GMAT?
You can send us your application prior to taking the GMAT. However, admissions decisions will not be made until the GMAT score is received.

Is the GMAT required and what is the minimum score?
Yes, the GMAT is required for all candidates (regardless of age) for both the Part-time and Full-time programmes as it gives us a base to compare candidates from different backgrounds to ensure each of our students can manage the academic rigour of the programme.  Although there is no minimum score we consider scores above 600 to be competitive.

How do I find out more about preparing for GMAT? 
More information can be found at

Where in Singapore can I take the GMAT?

You can get more details regarding the GMAT test centre at

SMU's GMAT institution codes are:
Full-Time MBA: F8D-7V-17 and Part-Time MBA: F8D-7V-35

What is the maximum number of times a candidate can sit for the GMAT test?
We do not set a limit to the number of times you sit for the GMAT. You are the best judge as whether you can significantly improve from your last score. We will ask you to report all your past scores however will take the highest score for application. 

Do I need to take the TOEFL?
The TOEFL is only required if your undergraduate education or postgraduate education was not taught in English.

Can I take the IELTS in place of the TOEFL?

What are the essay questions for the application?
1. Why do you want to earn an MBA and why are you choosing to apply to SMU? If you are selected, how will you contribute to the SMU MBA programme?  (500 words)
2. Describe your greatest weakness and how you have tried to overcome it. (300 words)
What supporting documents do I need?
- A copy of NRIC for SingaporeanCitizen; or a copy of Passport for non-Singaporeans
- A copy of NRIC, Passport and re-entry permit for Singaporean Permanent Residents
- 2 passport-size photographs
- Official GMAT score report (school version)
- 2 short essays
- Current CV  
- Official academic transcripts of all educational institutions attended
- 2 referee reports, signed and sealed (if not sent directly by referee)
- Proof of payment by credit card form or check/money order of $100 SGD
- Any other supporting documents 

What are the fees for the SMU MBA?
The current fees are:
Application: S$100 non-refundable
Part-time tuition: S$64,392.60 (inclusive of GST)
Full-time tuition: S$62,209.80 (inclusive of GST)
Estimated cost of study materials: S$ 3,000                                        

What is the payment schedule for the tuition fee?
The tuition fee will be paid in installments: For Full-time, payment will be 10% to confirm one's place at admission, 30% before arrival, 30% by the 4th month  and 30% by the 7th month. For Part-time, payment will be 10% to confirm your place at admission, 30% before arrival, 30% by the 5th month and 30% by the 10th month.

What are the estimated monthly living expenses in Singapore ?




700 – 2000


450 – 750


150 – 300

Miscellaneous (Phone, recreation, etc)

500 – 1500

* These figures are to be used as a guide as expenditures will vary depending on personal spending habits.

Are scholarships and financial aid available for the MBA programme?
The SMU MBA Programme offers a number of scholarships for both Full-time and Part-time students. Students can apply for scholarships upon admission to the Programme. Award amounts range from $10,000 to $15,000 SGD. There are no bonds attached to the scholarships. There are also a number of bank student loans available with favorable rates and terms for Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents.

What are the essay questions for scholarship  application?

What are the essay questions for scholarship  application?

1. Leadership:

(a) Describe  a situation in which you played a leadership role.
(b) Provide  a complete description of your current financial status.  Include current  savings, investments, and last monthly income as well as any outstanding  debt.  How much do you feel you will need for a scholarship award?

2. Community Impact: 

(a) Our  business school's mission is to nurture keen minds who lead organisations and  serve society. Please share an example of how you have impacted your greater  community and what you think is the best way to serve society.
(b)Provide  a complete description of your current financial status.  Include current  savings, investments, and last monthly income as well as any outstanding  debt.  How much do you feel you will need for a scholarship award?

3. Entrepreneurship:

(a) Please  share with us about your company’s business and your role and what you have  done to help achieve your company’s objectives.
(b) What  are your future plans for your company?  

Can I reapply to the MBA Programme?

You can reapply to the MBA program, but not during the same academic year. This means there is a minimum one-year wait period between reapplications for the Full-time and/or Part-time programs. Reapplicants should send the MBA office one reapplicant essay and one additional letter of recommendation.

Required reapplicant essay:
1. Please describe your career progress since you last applied and ways in which you have enhanced your candidacy (500 words)    

SMU keeps applications on file for 2 years, so individuals who reapply within this time period do not need to resubmit transcripts or standardized test scores (GMAT, TOEFL, IELTS, et cetera) unless there has been a change to these components.

Curriculum and Schedule (back to top)

What is the schedule for the Part-Time programme?
The Part-time programme is designed for working professionals. Core classes are taught Monday and Tuesday evenings (7-10pm) during the first 10 months. Elective classes take place during weekday evenings and weekends for the last 8 months. Our participants find this format ideal , as it attracts committed classmates and enables them to complete their MBA in a much shorter time.

What is the schedule for the Full-Time programme?
The Full-time programme takes place over 12 months with internship starting in July. Core classes are conducted during the day for first 4 months, with electives held on weekday evenings and weekends for the remaining part of the programme. 

Is the pre-study period considered as part of the MBA coursework?
Yes. However, the pre-study is done at your own pace. We will provide materials as well as tutorial support that you can use as needed.

Do you offer specializations?
The SMU MBA is a general management programme. We do require 10 electives which is the participants' way of tailoring their course work to their needs.  For example if one wanted to take all electives in finance or marketing that would be possible.

Am I required to participate in the sector components if I am not interested in these areas?
The sector activity is included in the SMU programme for the students to participate as they wish. While it is not compulsory, we do strongly encourage you to take advantage of some of the company visits, talks and industry studies as it will provide you with some deep insights into industries of global importance and broaden your network.


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