Master Of Applied Finance

Master Of Applied Finance


The Master of Applied Finance has been taught in Singapore for more than 22 years. We provide a rigorous education at the level required to fully meet the current and future needs of the banking and finance industry.  To succeed in today’s competitive and rapidly changing financial services environment, you need skills to help you analyse and anticipate issues across a range of different financial conditions. Macquarie University’s MAppFin gives you the skills you need to accelerate your career and expand your career prospects.

You’ll be taught by industry practitioners employed by Macquarie University Applied Finance Centre (MAFC), who visit Singapore to deliver classes face-to-face.  Each of our academic faculty members is a highly qualified professional in the banking and finance sector, and their profiles are listed on the MAFC website.

Our Programs are portable, which means if you’re travelling for business or pleasure, you’re able to attend classes in other cities.  We operate a four-term year for more flexibility around the demands of your busy life.

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The minimum entry requirements for the Master of Applied Finance are:

Applicants whose prior degree is not in a finance/business discipline will need to study up to 4 gateway units.

All applicants for graduate coursework studies at Macquarie University are required to provide evidence of proficiency in English. For more information see English Language Requirements.




Course Outline

In addition to our core units - Portfolio Management and Valuation, Financial Instruments, Corporate Finance, Financial Risk Management and Professional Practice - we offer an unmatched range of elective units. Each unit of study provides you with an opportunity to broaden and deepen your knowledge and stay up to date with key market issues.

Your studies can be generalist in nature or can be structured to develop specialised knowledge in a sharply focused field.

Students in the Sydney and Melbourne programs may choose to focus on a particular area of study:

Each area of specialisation contains a range of electives, enabling focus on areas likely to expand industry knowledge. Most units have prerequisites, which need to be considered when designing a personal study plan.




Dates & Fees



Application Closing Date

Compulsory Orientation

Term 4 (September) 2016

Sydney (Part-Time and Full-Time)

14 August 2016

Week of 12 September 2016

Term 1 (January) 2017 No in-take - -

Term 2 (April) 2017

Sydney (Part-Time and Full-Time) and Melbourne 26 February 2017 Week of 27 March 2017

Term 3 (June) 2017

Sydney (Part-time) 21 May 2017 Week of 19 June 2017

Term 4 (September) 2017

Sydney (Part-Time and Full-Time) and Melbourne 13 August 2017 Week of 11 September 2017


Fees are charged on a per unit basis at the time of enrolment in that unit at the approved rate.

Fees may be tax deductible and for an Australian citizen or the holder of a permanent humanitarian visa FEE HELP may also be available.

Visit or 1800 020 108 for more information.

Sydney (Part-time, Full-Time) 2016

  • Gateway units: AUD3,100 per unit
  • Core units: AUD4,800 per unit
  • Elective units: AUD2,400 per unit
  • Post-MAppFin units: AUD1,900 per unit (as part of GradCertPost-MAppFin)

Melbourne(Part-time) 2016

  • Gateway units: AUD3,100 per unit
  • Core units: AUD3,800 per unit
  • Elective units: AUD1,900 per unit
  • Post-MAppFin units: AUD1,900 per unit (as part of GradCertPost-MAppFin)





Contact Details

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