The IE-SMU alliance brings together two elite educational institutions, creating global access to unparalleled business knowledge for students, faculty, and executives worldwide. Combining IE’s strong management fundamentals with SMU’s innovative curriculum, the two schools have developed the IE-SMU MBA with one unique vision: Preparing top professionals for complex leadership challenges requiring effective management skills, with an added feature of having an Asian flavor to its curriculum. The program provides a unique experience by fusing a global curriculum, provided by IE Business School, with an Asian perspective, perfected by SMU.

The program provides professionals from within and outside the region with a competitive advantage by supplying them with the necessary tools to become an Asia-Pacific business expert.

The IE-SMU MBA is offered in a Blended learning environment, which combines five face-to-face residential periods with interactive online modules. The first face-to-face period takes place in Madrid with the remaining four in Singapore, allowing professionals from diverse backgrounds, industries and cultures to connect, regardless of their geographic location, travel schedules or work commitments.

The IE-SMU partnership combines the best of theory and practice, including the analysis of business cases, simulated environments, as well as faculty-guided, cross-functional, real-life projects.

To be eligible for the IE-SMU MBA you must meet the following criteria:
• Minimum of 3 years of relevant professional experience
• Solid academic record
• Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited undergraduate university
• A completed application form
• GMAT or GRE score, with IE or SMU admission tests as alternatives
• TOEFL or IELTS score (if candidate’s degree was not taught in English)


• Minimum of 3 years of relevant professional experience
• Solid academic record
• Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited undergraduate university
• A completed application form
• GMAT or GRE score, with IE or SMU admission tests as alternatives
• TOEFL or IELTS score (if candidate’s degree was not taught in English)

A Global Network

The blended methodology offers students the opportunity to structure their study schedules in a way that is compatible with their professional lives, allowing them to concentrate the bulk of their studies on days of the week that better suit their agendas. The tools that the IE-SMU MBA provides allow students to engage in constant teamwork activities and interact in an efficient and comfortable manner despite different geographical locations.

Students will have a combination of residential modules with interactive online classes. You will have five face-to-face mandatory periods in Madrid and Singapore. The rest of the program will be given via weekly videoconferences and interactive online forums.

Video Conference
Videoconferences are live classes with professors and classmates. Two 90 minute sessions every Saturday at 11:00-12:30 and 13:00-14:30 CET.

The Online Campus
Access to the Virtual Campus is available 24/7 and allows for daily interaction with your peers, group meetings, class participation, and contact with faculty and the academic department. Students can access each course’s forum to discuss the subjects that are being taught. The Campus is accessible via a variety of devices including smartphones and tablets.

Asynchronous Forums
Online sessions take place through active asynchronous forums that are available 24 hours a day from Monday to Thursday. Students enjoy flexible participation as they access the debates without limitation from anywhere in the world. The emphasis of debates where each intervention is published in writing allows for maximum reflection and critical thinking surrounding each topic.

Corporate Consulting Project
The program culminates in an applied-learning consulting project with a company in the field assigned to each student with their professional experience and background in mind. Project-based learning allows participants to apply their newly acquired knowledge to design and test real change with our partner companies.
Under the guidance of one of our faculty members, your team will undertake a 10-month Action Research Project with the aim of devising value creation goals for the company with whom you are collaborating.
Past projects have focused on the implementation of new company strategies, improvement of a business process with specific targets, design and development of a new/enhanced product or service, or development and implementation of a market entry plan.

Date & Fees

The program starts in November.
Application fee: S$200 (non-refundable)
Tuition fee: S$74,900*
Financial Aid in the form of partial scholarships are available for candidates who are successfully admitted into the program. This is awarded based on merit and need.
* Please bear in mind that prices are reviewed annually and are subject to change.

Enjoy a life-long relationship with both IE and SMU. As alumni of the IE-SMU MBA, graduates become members of both life-long peer networks from IE Business School and Singapore Management University! Being a joint-degree, IE-SMU MBA graduates enjoy access to alumni events, faculty, peers and new student cohorts from both institutions.

As an alumnus of IE Business School you will become part of the IE Global Community for life. Some of the benefits include:

• ✓ 50,000 Alumni in over 100 countries
• ✓ Annual Alumni Conferences
• ✓ Life-long networking activities
• ✓ Functional & Industry Global Communities
• ✓ Continuous online and in-class learning
• ✓ Special discounts on all IE programs
• ✓ Access to the Virtual Library
• ✓ Access to all IE facilities

As an alumnus of SMU you will enjoy of life-long access to your email, invitations to Alumni events, Wi-Fi access on Campus, and the online newsletter for SMU Alumni. As an SMUAA member, you will come to enjoy unique privileges that are tailored for you. It’s not only the networking opportunities, but also the social events for you to reunite with your classmates. Below are some of the benefits:
• ✓ Job and Networking opportunities
• ✓ Social Events with Your Peers and Classmates
• ✓ Members-only SMUAA Events
• ✓ Discounted Rates on Rental of SMU Facilities
• ✓ Eligibility to Attend and Vote at the SMUAA Annual General Meetings
• ✓ Eligibility to Stand for Elections to the SMUAA Executive Committee
• ✓ Access to and use of the University lounge

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